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Stainless steel hog rings never disappoint you

Stainless steel hog rings are popular among any fastening applications with wire, fabric, fence mesh, rope or cord. Stainless hog rings feature no-rust and high tensile strength. Its metallic luster never dim even through long term usage. Hence, it is often used in domestic upholstery.

Stainless steel hog ring with sharp tips

Stainless steel hog ring - D style

Stainless steel style C hog rings

Stainless steel hog ring - C style

Stainless steel hog rings packaged in paper carton

Stainless steel hog rings package

Stainless steel hog rings have "C" & "D" styles. Sharp and blunt points are designed for different applications.

Popular applications:

  • Wire fencing: chain link fence, welded wire mesh, chicken wire mesh, plastic mesh;
  • Wire cage: lobster & crab pots, rabbit cage, dog kennel, other animal cages;
  • Upholstery: automobile and domestic;
  • Gardening: bird netting, trellises;
  • Note: special specifications are customized on request.

Feature & Benefit:

  • Longest service life;
  • High tensile strength;
  • No corrosion happens;
  • Metallic luster never dim.
Stainless Steel Hog Ring Specification
Style Crown Closed I.D. Wire Gauge Points PCs per Box Boxes per skid
C 1/2" 1/8" 16 (1.60mm) Blunt or Sharp 10,000 100 boxes
11/16" 9/32" 16 (1.60mm) Blunt or Sharp 2,500 750 boxes
3/4" 3/16" 16 (1.60mm) Blunt or Sharp 11,000 100 boxes
1 1/2" 9/16" 11 (3.048mm) Blunt or Sharp 1,600 96 boxes
D 9/16 inch 1/4 inch 16 (1.63mm) 15 (1.83mm) 14 (2.03mm) Blunt or Sharp 5,000 375
3/4 inch 1/4 inch 16 (1.63mm) 15 (1.83mm) 14 (2.03mm) Blunt or Sharp 10,000 100
1-3/16 inch 7/16 inch 9 (3.66mm) Blunt or Sharp 2,500 100
A man is fixing a bag to a steel tube by stainless steel hog rings

Stainless steel hog rings for bag closure

A women is using hog ring plier and hog ring to fix the stem to the shelf

Stainless steel ring hoses used in gardening

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