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Aluminum Hog Rings make you love DIY

Aluminum hog ring is a really cost-effective alternative for corrosive conditions. This is primarily because aluminum forms a thin but effective oxide layer that prevents further oxidation. Although weathers corrosion & acid rains, aluminum hog rings maintain their original strength.

Aluminum hog ring fastener features sharp and blunt points. Blunt point is designed for safe touch while sharp tips for piercing.

Aluminum C-shaped hog rings with sharp points

Aluminum Hog Ring Strip

Popular applications:

  • Fencing: deer fencing, chain link fence, chicken wire fence, weld fence, bird control netting;
  • Upholstery: automotive & domestic;
  • Wire cages: rabbit cage, crab pots, dog kennel;
  • Wire: rebars, cable, cord;
  • Other applications.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent corrosion resistance;
  • Light weight;
  • Durable and strong;
  • Cost-effective.
A man is cutting hog rings to replace the car seat

Aluminum hog rings are ideal for fixing leather seating covers to the foam. No corrosion problem at all.

Aluminum hog rings packed in carton

Aluminum Hog Rings Package

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