• Stainless steel hog rings - style C & D

    Style C and style D Stainless steel hog rings

  • Aluminum hog rings packaged in paper carton

    Aluminum hog rings - durable and strong

  • Hog rings make gabion baskets installation quickly

    D shaped hog rings for gabions installation

  • Hog rings are used to repair or replace car seat

    C shape hog rings for repairing

Five reasons to select hog rings

Eagle Hog Rings Company is a professional manufacturer and supplier of hog rings and other tying wires. Since its foundation in 2005, our company has been committed to solving all customers' problems. Owing to constantly changing market, our professional team accordingly modify the old items and develop new products to satisfy higher requirements.

What are hog rings?

Hog rings are basically "C" shaped & "D" shaped with sharp or blunt points. They are bent into a circular or triangle formation by the hog ring plier in order to fasten two objects together. Thanks for its easy operation, hog rings are broadly used in installation or repair of fencing, wire cages, razor wire, barbed wire, car upholstery, trellis, gardening, rebars and so on.

What kind of hog rings do you supply?

Four types of hog rings

Hog Ring Styles

Galvanized, copper plated, aluminum and stainless wire are basic material for producing hog rings. If on special request, PVC coated hog rings are available. These wires are all corrosion resistant and rustless.

Standard C and D styles are provided. Apart from them, hog rings with compressed valley, hump hill or other special shapes are also available on special request.

Five reasons of using hog rings:

  • Convenient for carrying them around;
  • Easy to operate;
  • Save work time;
  • Sturdy and corrosive resistant;
  • Cost you the least money;

Eagle Hog Rings Company provides free sample for you or your customer inspection. If you have any inquiry of hog rings, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Hot Products
C style hog rings, made of stainless steel, aluminum, galvanized steel wire, are used to connect automobile upholstery, fencing, wire cages, quickly & firmly.
D style hog rings including aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel, feature easy installation, versatile.
Compressed hog rings made of galvanized steel wire, are necessary accessories for the installation of car upholstery, fencing, wire cages.
Hot dip galvanized hog rings have good corrosion resistance and are often found in fencing, gardening and wire cages.
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